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Tips for Better Fuel Economy: Get Even More from Your Lexus


You know that your Lexus delivers superior performance and handling.  Did you know that it, and all the cars and trucks in the Toyota family, can also deliver improved fuel economy and greater overall efficiency with some simple adjustments to how you use, maintain and service your vehicle?

Driving Tips for Improved Fuel Economy

There are a few different ways you can get improved fuel economy for your Lexus or other vehicle, starting with how and when you drive.  To get a jump start on improved fuel economy, try out these tips.

Don’t Idle

Allowing your car to keep running while you are standing wastes gas and reduces fuel economy.  If you don’t need your car to go, don’t run your engine. Continue reading “Tips for Better Fuel Economy: Get Even More from Your Lexus” »

What You Need to Know about Automatic Transmission Repair


As Murrieta Toyota repair professionals, we know a lot about automatic transmission repair.  In fact, it is one of the most common repairs we perform for our customers who drive Toyota, Lexus, Scion and other popular Japanese-made vehicles.

But as much as transmission repair is part of our everyday work, we know that for you, as a car owner, hearing that you need automatic transmission repair or suspecting that you have a problem with your transmission can be a real source of stress.

Automatic Transmission Repair Process

Continue reading “What You Need to Know about Automatic Transmission Repair” »

When is It Time for Toyota Shock and Strut Replacement?

Understand the when, why and how of shock and strut auto service and save time and trouble.

What are the Signs My Car Needs Shock and Strut Replacement?

Detecting issues with the shocks and struts in your vehicle is the first step to getting connected to the auto service you need for the safe ride you want.  Since issues with the shocks and struts can be common in Toyotas and other vehicles, it is important to be on the lookout for signs that you might be due for shock and strut replacement.

The first sign your vehicle will give you that there is a problem with the shocks or struts is a clunking noise.  Many of our customers come in for auto service as soon as they hear that telltale clunking noise.

The clunking sound can be described as a hard pop.  Often, it happens immediately after you hit a bump.  If you are experiencing this with your vehicle, it is time to head in to your Murrieta auto service shop for an inspection. Continue reading “When is It Time for Toyota Shock and Strut Replacement?” »