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Auto Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance in Murrieta


Summer is upon us here in Murrieta, and if you haven’t done so already, you will soon be turning on the air conditioning system in your vehicle. Most people take their air conditioning system for granted, and only think about it when it stops working. But most manufacturers recommend that you have your auto air conditioning system checked every two years. Bringing your vehicle in for air conditioning maintenance now, even if everything seems to be running well, can prevent costly repairs that seem to always be needed at the most inopportune times—like later in the summer, when temperatures are soaring above 100 degrees in Murrieta. Continue reading “Auto Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance in Murrieta” »

Murrieta Toyota Repair Pros Answer: Why Do I Need to Maintain My Vehicle’s Suspension?


Many of the drivers who come to us for suspension repair in Murrieta have misconceptions about how a vehicle’s suspension actually works and why it is important.

Primarily, the average driver thinks about shocks and struts only in terms of ride comfort and performance.  While it is true that the suspension affects both ride comfort and vehicle performance, and while both certainly are important, your vehicle’s shocks and struts have an even more important link to safety.

Not only is a good suspension, and by extension, good suspension repair, important for comfort, it also is important for safety on the road and for the reliability and maintenance of other parts of your vehicle, particularly, the braking system. Continue reading “Murrieta Toyota Repair Pros Answer: Why Do I Need to Maintain My Vehicle’s Suspension?” »

Job Report: Not Just Toyota Auto Repair and Japanese Vehicles


Although we specialize in auto repair and service for Japanese vehicles, many of our loyal customers have multiple vehicles. For one Murrieta customer, his 2011 Corvette needed some serious work and he trusted us to take care of it.

Ultimately, the vehicle just needed a new rear main seal and oil pan gasket. Not a very complicated or expensive repair at first glance. But in order to do the job properly, we had to remove both the transmission and differential. For those who know about auto repair and vehicles, you know that’s a fair amount of work. In addition to having the right tools and equipment, a job like this requires confidence and experience, and that’s why our customer asked us to handle the repair work. Continue reading “Job Report: Not Just Toyota Auto Repair and Japanese Vehicles” »