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Automotive Myth: Shaking or Vibration is Caused by Wheel Alignment Issues

It’s a common misunderstanding that shaking or excessive vibration is caused by misalignment of wheels. We hear this all the time, even from auto repair shops and tire shops here in Temecula and Murrieta. Shaking is rarely caused by wheel alignment issues. It’s much more common that out-of-balance tires are the cause of vibration. It’s usually one or more of the tires that has gone out of balance. The vibration may be accompanied by an audible humming sound and both may change with the road surface and speed. The vibration usually starts small and gets more pronounced over time. Sometimes customers won’t realize there’s an issue for quite a while until it gradually becomes more noticeable. Vibration can also be caused by more serious issues like damaged wheel bearings or excessively worn front end parts in the steering or suspension, but this is much less common.

If your vehicle shakes while driving normally, it’s likely that tires need to be rebalanced. If the shaking occurs only when braking then the problem is brake related and is commonly caused by front brake rotors that are warped. If that’s the case we can inspect and machine the rotors to make them true and straight again. If needed, we can install new brake pads as well.

Call us if you’re experiencing any shaking or vibration issues. We’ll do a full inspection of brakes, tire wear patterns and alignment. We’ll let you know what’s going on and how we can fix it. And as always, you’ll be involved in making the decision before we do any additional work.


  1. Travis Colman says

    If we follow manufacturer’s tips about the care that should be taken for cars they will last longer and provide the best service to us. Its important to follow many of the maintenance tips you mentioned.

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