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Importance of Regular Oil Changes – Murrieta Auto Service

Oil changes are one auto service that you can’t forget.  Regular oil changes can keep your car running smoothly and keep your engine working right, longer.  Forgetting to get your oil changed or putting off an oil change for too long can cause damage to your engine, making you vulnerable to more serious problems while you’re on the road.

We provide regular scheduled, cost effective oil changes as an auto service to our customers throughout the Temecula Valley. During the service we also check tires for correct pressure and top off all fluids. Unlike many shops, we provide these additional services at no extra charge.

How Often Should I Change the Oil in My Car?

Auto manufacturers and auto service companies will give you a variety of answers to the question “how often should I change the oil in my car.”  Basically, it depends on the kind of car you drive and how you drive it.  Toyota, for example, typically recommends changing your oil roughly every 10,000 miles.  If you do an average amount of driving, most auto service shops will tell you to change your oil about every six months.  We get to know your car and your driving habits and come up with the best oil maintenance schedule for you.

Why Should I Go to a Murrieta Auto Repair Shop to Get My Oil Changed?

We recommend getting your oil changed at a professional auto service location.  At Inland Auto, we are committed to serving the Temecula Valley honestly and professionally, with the highest quality standards. Our trustworthy staff is factory trained in Lexus, Toyota and Scion repair.  We know the kind of oil that works best in your car, how often your car’s oil needs to be changed, and how to change the oil to keep your car running smoothly and running well for a long time.

As Murrieta auto repair professionals, we know how important it is to use the correct viscosity and weight of oil for lube oil and oil filter service.  If you have changed your oil yourself or gone to someone else and you are experiencing problems, the issue could be that you don’t have the right viscosity or the right weight oil for your car.

Murrieta Auto Repair Choices

We know that you have a lot of options when it comes to oil changes and car maintenance.  So we invite first time customers to come in and treat your car to an oil change at 50% off and get to know more about our staff and our auto services.  Serving the Temecula Valley is a pleasure for us and we’re confident you’ll be pleased with our auto service.


  1. Jake Williams says

    Good tips. It’s a basic thing, but you can destroy a car by not changing the oil enough… My brother is looking for a car right now because he blew an engine probably from not changing his oil enough or not keeping it full.

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