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The Temecula Summer is Heating Up: Cool Down with Air Conditioning

It’s getting hot out there, and if this summer is like most in Temecula, we’ll be seeing temperatures over 100 degrees.  Make sure your car stays nice and cool for your comfort and safety on the road this summer.  If it’s been awhile since you have serviced your car air conditioner, or if you are afraid it isn’t working correctly, visit us for auto air conditioning service.

If your air conditioning isn’t working properly, or at all, we handle all of your auto air conditioning repair needs right away.

Auto Air Conditioning Repair

Some of the most common reasons drivers need auto air conditioning repair include overheating; overworking the A/C by driving at high speeds for long periods of time with the air turned up; and broken or worn out equipment like fuses, valves or the compressor.

Auto air conditioning repair is one of the many Temecula auto repair services we provide to our new and returning customers.  Our factory trained technicians inspect and evaluate your auto air conditioner and components and determine the best course of action to return your air conditioner to working order.  Keeping your comfort and convenience a priority, we fix and test your air conditioner and get you back on the road with a car that’s ready to keep you cool and comfortable in the hot Temecula summer.

Temecula Auto Repair: Auto Air Conditioning Service

You need auto air conditioning service if you are experiencing any of the following when you turn on the A/C in your car: difficulty reaching a cool temperature, difficulty holding a cool temperature, odors.

If your air conditioner simply isn’t able to reach a cool temperature, this is a strong indicator that your auto air conditioner is breaking.  Your air conditioner requires auto air conditioning service if it isn’t able to hold the cool temperature you set.  It may start out cool but then blow warm air, meaning auto air conditioning repair is going to be needed.  Finally, if your air conditioner blows a stale, stuffy smell into your car when you turn it on, bring your car in for our auto air conditioning service.

Stay Cool and Drive Safely

We are trusted for honest Temecula auto repair.  It is important to us that you drive safely and comfortably.  An overheated car, in the engine or in the cabin, poses serious health and safety risks.  Before our summer heat kicks in full blast, come into your local Temecula auto repair shop and we will make sure your auto air conditioning is in working order, ready for all your summer driving adventures.


  1. Gerald Vonberger says

    I can definitely see how leaving an air conditioning system too long without repair or servicing could cause some serious issues. However, I hadn’t even thought of the system having to run faster and for longer periods of time. That would waste a lot of energy in addition to overworking the unit.

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