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Do I Really Need to Follow Recommended Service Intervals for Timing Belt Service?

Consistent maintenance and quality auto repair are important parts of car ownership.  A little commitment from you, plus knowledge and automotive expertise from us, gives you a car that you can count on for a long time.  Timing belt service at regular intervals is a smart auto maintenance choice that ends up being good for your car and for your wallet. 

Murrieta Auto Repair Tip: Why Timing Belt Service Matters

The timing belt, which connects to your car’s camshaft and crankshaft, guarantees that your car’s engine valves close and open correctly, in the right sequence and the right time.  Without timing belt service at regular intervals, your car could stop running properly, leading to engine failure and the need for more expensive repairs.

Auto Maintenance for Timing Belts: Recommended Service Intervals for Your Timing Belt

Timing belt service recommendations vary slightly based on car manufacturer and model, as well as what type of engine you have (an interference engine or a free running engine).  A good rule of thumb for timing belt replacement is about once every 60,000 to 90,000 miles. Timing belt replacement is also recommended based on age, every 6-7 years is a common manufacturer recommendation.

Getting timing belt service from your local Murrieta auto repair shop at regular intervals means that you are putting aside a small amount of time and money to get a big return: a healthy, longer running engine and a better ride.  Regular auto maintenance visits for critical, basic parts of your engine, like the timing belt, prevent you from getting surprised by an engine issue that can turn into a serious problem.

Come visit us at Inland Auto and we will set up a recommended service plan for your timing belt to keep your engine running smoothly and to ward off major damage and potentially costly repairs.

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