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How Often Should I Replace the Timing Belt? Murrieta Auto Repair

Routine auto service and maintenance prevent you from getting stuck with car trouble, and from getting just plain stuck.  At our local Temecula auto repair shop, we advise our customers to be on the lookout for engine problems so they can catch them early, and to bring in their cars for recommended maintenance. Reliable auto service translates to a reliable experience from your car, and that is exactly what you need: a car that performs the way you want it to perform, every time you need it.

Auto Service Question: When is it Time to Replace the Timing Belt on My Car?

In addition to following a regular schedule and learning your car manufacturer’s recommendation for timing belt replacement, it helps to be aware of the signs that indicate that you might be having an issue with your car’s timing belt.

If you start to hear a squeaking sound from under the hood of your car, near the timing cover, it is time to bring your car in for timing belt replacement.

What Happens if I Suspect a Problem but Don’t Replace the Timing Belt?

The timing belt might not seem like a vital piece of equipment in your car, but it is.  Simply put, if your timing belt breaks, you aren’t going anywhere.  Your car will not start if the timing belt is broken, so the time to act on timing belt replacement is either on the recommended timing belt service and replacement schedule (about once every 60,000 – 90,000 miles, based on your car and the type of engine you have) or as soon as you start to hear the squeaking noise and suspect it could be related to the timing belt.

Timing belt replacement is not the kind of auto repair that you can put off.

Temecula Auto Repair Tip: Don’t Forget Regular Timing Belt Replacement

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, you should replace the timing belt about every 60,000 to 90,000 miles. Timing belt replacement is also recommended based on age, every 6-7 years is a common manufacturer recommendation. As with all routine auto service, it is important to follow a regular schedule with a trusted auto mechanic.  Auto repair visits at regular intervals, including timing belt replacement, save you money and allow you to keep your car in good operating condition over time.

Come visit us at Inland Auto if you suspect an issue with your timing belt, or to learn more about auto repair maintenance schedules for your vehicle and your driving needs.


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