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Murrieta Brake Service Questions: The Difference Between Disk and Drum Brakes and How to Keep Your Brake System Healthy

One good way to make sure that you are getting honest, quality brake repair in Murrieta is to make sure that you understand what kind of brake repair work you need done, and what questions you should be asking your brake service mechanic.

At Inland Auto, we help you with the most basic questions like, when is it time for a brake fluid flush.  We also tackle more complex questions like what is the difference between disk brakes and drum brakes.  Finally, we answer the kinds of questions that you need trusted professionals to weigh in on most, including do I really need to use factory brake pads and what can be done to help prevent premature brake failure.

Murrieta Brake Service Questions Answered: The Importance of Good Brakes

The importance of a well-functioning brake system almost goes without saying, but we wouldn’t be doing our jobs as honest, reliable mechanics if we didn’t remind our customers that brake fluid flushes, regular brake service and professional brake pad replacement are necessary steps in keeping your vehicle’s brake system working the way you need it to work, to keep you safe on the road.

When is it Time for a Brake Fluid Flush?

A brake fluid flush keeps your brake system working the way it is supposed to work so you can count on your brakes to stop safely when you need them to.  On average, customers can expect to need a brake fluid flush about every 30,000 miles.

We always check the brake fluid in vehicles that come into our shop for brake service or for other routine service, to make sure that the brake fluid levels are what they need to be.  If your vehicle needs a brake fluid flush, we will let you know immediately and take care of it.  A brake fluid flush is a simple job, but if our Murrieta drivers don’t get it taken care of, they are at risk of the kinds of problems with their brake systems that they don’t want.

Murrieta Brake Repair Customers Ask: What is the Difference between Disk Brakes and Drum Brakes

Disk brakes are a type of brake system that uses metal discs, or rotors.  When you push down on your brake, this puts pressure from the brake pad down onto a metal disc.  The pressure from the brake pad to the disc allows your vehicle to stop by slowing down your wheels.

Instead of a metal disk, drum brake systems are made up of a cylinder with a rear opening.  In the case of drum brakes, when you press down on the brake, components inside the drum push to its walls.  This action slows down the wheel.

Brake repair for drum brakes is important because it can help prevent premature brake failure.  If your vehicle has rear drum brakes, they must be adjusted properly as part of routine brake service.  Rear drum brake adjustment prevents the front wheels from having to do all of the work.  If your rear drum brakes are not adjusted properly by a brake repair professional, you run the very real risk of premature brake failure and a low brake pedal.

Should I Use Factory Brake Pads for Brake Replacement?

When you are coming in for brake pad replacement in Murrieta, we insist on using factory brake pads.  The benefits of using factory brake pads for brake pad replacement far outweigh the slightly higher cost of the parts.  Factory brake pads dissipate heat better, which leads to improved braking performance, in addition to a longer life for your brake pads.  Factory brake pads cause less problems, make less noise, and because they last longer than other brake pads, they save you time, money and risk, in the future.

Murrieta Brake Rotor Replacement Tips

To make sure that your brake system is in the right working order, you also want to come in for regular brake checks.  Because the brake pads press down on the brake rotors every time you apply your vehicle’s brakes, they wear down.  We always measure the rotor thickness to ensure there is adequate material remaining. IF there is, we’ll resurface the rotors. If not, the rotors must be replaced. Rotor replacement is an important brake service that can often be overlooked.  Our mechanics take the time to check your brake rotors and replace them with factory parts when you need them.


  1. I was really fun learning the difference between these two kinds of brakes. I did not realize that brake fluid flushes were important. I need to get this done sometime.

  2. Deanna R. Jones says

    It seems like a smart idea to know how to keep your brake system healthy. The information about disk brakes and drum brakes was very helpful. I’ve also wondered about the difference between the two. I didn’t realize just how different they are. It’s good to know that disk brakes puts pressure from the brake pad onto the metal disc, and a drum brake system uses the inside of the drum to push into the walls to slow down the wheels. This seems very important to know when you need to have your brakes repaired.

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