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Job Report: 100,000 Mile Toyota Tundra Repair and Maintenance

This Murrieta auto service story is a good reminder to pay attention to your check engine light.

toyota tundra repair murrieta

Drivers react in a few different ways when they see their check engine light come on.  Some panic, others come in for auto service immediately.  Then there are the drivers who put it off, thinking it will go away, it’s not that big of a deal, or they can’t afford whatever auto service repairs they might need.

In this case, one of our Toyota repair customers brought in his Tundra right away when the truck’s check engine light came on.  We inspected the truck and ran all of the auto diagnostic tests that we perform whenever a vehicle comes in.

The Reason Why the Check Engine Light Came On Might Not Be Your Only Problem

Right away, we found out that the Tundra had a bad fuel cap.  That was enough to set off the check engine light, but, as it turned out, it wasn’t the only thing that required auto service.  It did, however, give us the chance to get under the hood and investigate further.  And that led to a discovery that saved our customer time and money, and kept him from ending up in an unsafe driving situation.

While performing check engine light diagnostics, we found out that the truck’s water pump was leaking and it needed to be repaired.

Toyota Repair and Maintenance: The Combination that Keeps Your Vehicle Running Longer

When we discovered the leaky water pump, we were able to repair it immediately.  This protected our customer’s truck from further damage, which ultimately keeps his vehicle running better for longer.  At 100,000 miles, Toyota Tundra repair and maintenance like this is so important.  It makes our customer’s vehicle and yours more reliable, saves you money and eliminates inconvenience.

Our customer was happy.  He was relieved that the check engine light wasn’t an indicator of a more serious issue and he was glad that we were able to resolve another issue that could have threatened the health of his engine.

Lesson Learned: Don’t Panic When You See the Check Engine Light, Visit Your Murrieta Toyota Auto Service Professionals

When a vehicle, especially one that has a decent number of miles on it like our customer’s Tundra, has the check engine light come on, it can be scary.  You start thinking that expensive repairs must be needed, but that’s not always the case.

The check engine light means it’s time to get your engine checked by a reliable, trustworthy auto service shop in Murrieta.  At Inland Auto, we make sure to find the problem in your Toyota, Lexus or Scion, and fix it, no matter how small it is.  Our experience with the whole range of Japanese cars and trucks, not just those in the Toyota family, makes us a smart and safe choice if you are concerned about how your engine is running, and if you want to protect it – and your passengers – for the long road ahead.

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