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What You Need to Know about Automatic Transmission Repair


As Murrieta Toyota repair professionals, we know a lot about automatic transmission repair.  In fact, it is one of the most common repairs we perform for our customers who drive Toyota, Lexus, Scion and other popular Japanese-made vehicles.

But as much as transmission repair is part of our everyday work, we know that for you, as a car owner, hearing that you need automatic transmission repair or suspecting that you have a problem with your transmission can be a real source of stress.

Automatic Transmission Repair Process

Leak repair and solenoid replacement are typical automatic transmission repair services.  After completing a transmission inspection and performing diagnostics on the electrical components and linkages, we identify your transmission issues and determine the best ways to repair them.

When is it Time for Toyota Automatic Transmission Repair?

Be aware of how your car or truck is handling and bring it in for a diagnostic test to determine whether you need immediate automatic transmission repair for your Toyota or other vehicle.  Get to an auto service shop right away if you spot any of the signs of transmission problems.

These signs can include the following; a burning smell that you smell when the car is running; difficulty getting in gear or staying in gear; fluid leakage; shaking while in drive; or a whining sound.

Automatic Transmission Repair Tips

The most important tip to remember for all of your auto repair needs is to bring your vehicle to a trustworthy, professional auto service shop with a proven record of satisfaction.

The sooner you bring in your car or truck for automatic transmission repair, the quicker and easier it is to get you back on the road.

Ask questions and get diagnostics from your auto service shop in Murrieta to learn what kind of automatic transmission repair will best fix your problem.

In some cases, we encounter an automatic transmission problem so severe that we need to replace it.  If your transmission needs to be replaced, make sure that your auto service shop replaces unrepairable parts and unrepairable transmissions with remanufactured units, not rebuilt units.  When we fix your transmission, we never use rebuilt units or a mix of old and new parts.

When is it Time to Get Automatic Transmission Service?

Automatic transmission service is one of the most important auto services Murrieta drivers come to us for.  A well maintained transmission that gets regular professional service will keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely and will prevent you from having costly, time consuming Toyota repair down the line.

Automatic transmission service includes a transmission flush that helps to keep your transmission fluid clean and clear.  This service reduces the likelihood of transmission issues and the need for emergency automatic transmission repair.

Remember to schedule regular auto service visits to keep your transmission and your whole engine in good working order.


  1. Thanks for sharing this advice! Right now, I noticed that my car has been acting a little funny when I accelerate. Obviously that means that there is probably something up with the transmission. I better take it to a place to check and see if my transmission needs to be fixed.

  2. Skylar Mitchell says

    Thank you for sharing more about transmission repair! I have been noticing that my car is shaking while I drive and sometimes makes a whining sound. It seems like these are both signs of a bad transmission. I would really like to take it in to get the diagnostic test done to see if this is the issue. Thanks for the great post!

  3. I didn’t realize that a whining sound could be an indicator that you need transmission repairs. I guess I need to get my car in to a shop to get checked out this weekend. Hopefully there isn’t much damage, and it can get repaired and back on the road by next week.

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