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Tips for Better Fuel Economy: Get Even More from Your Lexus


You know that your Lexus delivers superior performance and handling.  Did you know that it, and all the cars and trucks in the Toyota family, can also deliver improved fuel economy and greater overall efficiency with some simple adjustments to how you use, maintain and service your vehicle?

Driving Tips for Improved Fuel Economy

There are a few different ways you can get improved fuel economy for your Lexus or other vehicle, starting with how and when you drive.  To get a jump start on improved fuel economy, try out these tips.

Don’t Idle

Allowing your car to keep running while you are standing wastes gas and reduces fuel economy.  If you don’t need your car to go, don’t run your engine.

Make Your Car Lighter

We all carry around extra items in our car – things we don’t need for the trip we are taking – and that can actually cause us to get worse gas mileage, and to waste fuel.  Before getting in your car, make sure that you are not lugging around anything you don’t need.

Don’t Slam on the Brakes

By making a few simple changes to the way you drive and how and when you apply the brakes, you can actually improve your Lexus fuel economy.  Try to accelerate and decelerate smoothly and evenly.  Speeding up then slamming on the brakes compromises fuel economy and is not good for your vehicle or your wallet.

Schedule Your Trips and Plan Your Routes

Before getting in your car, plan for where you are going and how best to get there.  When it is possible, combine trips and travel in lower volume traffic times.  Scheduling trips and avoiding unnecessary time on the road improves your fuel economy.

How Regular Lexus Maintenance Improves Fuel Economy

Coming in to your Murrieta auto service shop for regular Lexus maintenance is a smart choice if you want to improve fuel economy.  A consistently well maintained vehicle uses gas more efficiently than a car or truck that does not come in for auto service on a regular schedule.

Why Lexus Auto Repair from Inland Auto Gives You Better Fuel Economy

An engine that is in good working order, an engine that has no leaks or timing issues, for example, is an engine that is running smoothly and efficiently.  A smooth running, efficient engine delivers the best fuel economy possible.

Combined with some changes in how you drive, how much weight you carry in your car, and how you plan your trips, regular auto repair and Lexus maintenance deliver improved fuel economy, along with improved performance and cost savings.

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