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Get More with Performance Toyota Installation and Service in Murrieta


We talk a lot about the importance of regular maintenance and the value of quality Toyota repair to keep your vehicle running when you need it most.  And it is true that routine service and well executed Toyota repair are necessary in making sure that your car or truck is running reliably and running well now and over time.

In addition to reliability and longevity, many car and truck owners also want to make sure that they are able to get the most performance and the overall best experience out of their vehicles.  This is where services like Toyota performance suspension installation, performance shock and strut installation, Toyota lift installation and other performance auto service come in.  For custom and performance suspension service in Murrieta, drivers trust our Inland Auto technicians to give them the ride that gives them more.

Custom Performance Installation – Better Parts, Better Service

As with all of our Toyota repair and maintenance services, our technicians get to know your vehicle and your needs.  Then, using with the best parts for your car or truck, our auto service professionals provide the highest quality custom performance installation services.

Toyota Lift Installation Murrieta Drivers Can Trust

Our technicians provide a range of parts and services, including Toyota Tundra lift kits, level kits and more to customize your vehicle’s performance.  Because the auto service professionals at Inland Auto specialize in Toyota, Lexus, Scion and other Japanese vehicles, we are able to identify and install the best aftermarket parts for your particular car or truck.

Choosing nationally recognized aftermarket manufacturers like Fab-Tech and applying expert knowledge of Toyota lift installation allows Inland Auto to provide the best parts, service and experience for drivers who want improved performance.  We listen to our customers to learn what they need and then select and install the best parts to deliver on their expectations.

Toyota Performance Suspension for the Ride You Want

For custom performance that gives drivers the ride they want, our auto service professionals also install spindle lifts and suspension lifts.  For your own custom Toyota performance suspension, we install shocks and struts using the best quality aftermarket parts, installed by our trained technicians who make your driving experience our top priority.


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