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Lexus Repair Dealer Alternative in Temecula Review: I Will Take My Lexus Here for All My Service


Lexus owner Sandy of Temecula, Ca, has a story like so many others.  Convinced that there was no alternative to Lexus dealer service for her car, Sandy ended up spending more time and money than she should have by bringing her vehicle into a dealer for routine Lexus service.

Luckily, Sandy was able to break the cycle of wasted time and money.  When she came to us for a simple oil change, she soon learned the advantages of choosing Inland Auto as a dealer alternative for Lexus service in Temecula.

From that first oil change, Sandy saw that we provide trustworthy Lexus service and expert Lexus repair.  We showed Sandy that we do all of that while at the same time giving honest customer service that shows our respect for and commitment to Temecula drivers and our local community. 

5 Star Yelp Review for Lexus Repair in Temecula

We are grateful that Sandy shared a review of the Inland Auto Lexus service experience.  Hearing this story, from the point of view of a driver who is stuck in the cycle of dealership service and sees the value and ease of choosing a trustworthy dealer alternative, makes us proud.

We are pleased to provide the level of service that Lexus drivers deserve and we appreciate Sandy taking the time to share this experience on Yelp.

“After spending way too much money for routine service at my Lexus dealer, I decided to go locally for service.  

I first had a simple oil change, and after speaking with Mike, I felt very confident in his ability to take care of my Lexus.  I have had 3 more various repairs since, and I have found them to be very honest and very reasonable in price.  

I saved a bunch of money and will now take my Lexus here for all my service.  I have been more than pleased with their care.”

—  Sandy T., Temecula, CA via Yelp

A Smart Dealer Alternative for Lexus Service in Temecula

For drivers who are ready for an alternative to Lexus dealer service in Temecula, Inland Auto is a smart choice.  We combine our specialty in Lexus service and Lexus repair, built on years of training and experience, with our commitment to fair, honest customer service.

To learn more about Inland Auto as a dealer alternative for Lexus repair and service, contact us.

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