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Job Report: 2014 Toyota 4Runner Upgrades – Aftermarket Leveling Kit and Nerf Bars


We recently completed some aftermarket upgrades to this 4Runner SR5 Trail 4×4. As you can see in the “before” photo, the 4Runner was lower in the front than in the back. This is common with certain Toyota models and this is how the factory delivers the vehicle when it’s new. While it’s not a safety concern or technically a problem, some Toyota owners are interested in making modifications that will improve the look of their vehicle.



To improve the stance and look of our customer’s 4Runner we installed a Pro Comp Leveling Kit, which raised the front of his truck by 2.25”. Toyota leveling kits are available from other aftermarket manufactures as well, such as Rev Tek Suspension. Like any aftermarket parts installation we perform at our Murrieta shop, we inspect the parts and hardware closely. We ensure that all required parts are included and that the (often) universal fit will in fact fit safely and correctly on our customer’s vehicle.

In this case, we improved on the kit by installing it in such a way that it did not increase the front axle angle too greatly. Typically, as the wheel hubs are moved closer to the ground (a lift), the front differential (on 4×4 models) is moved up relatively. This increases the angle of the axles. We lowered the differential as well so that the angle was not greatly increased.

The wheel wells on newer 4Runners are often noticeably large and the look of the vehicle can be greatly improved by upgrading to larger wheels and tires. We can install a leveling kit to take advantage of the large wheel wells and allow for larger tires to help fill the gap.

Toyota 4Runner Aftermarket Nerf Bars

In addition to the leveling kit, we installed aftermarket nerf bars (or side steps). These bars are made by Go Rhino but there are several other companies offering aftermarket steps and bars for Toyota trucks. Some of the other brands include Smittybilt and Westin Pro Traxx. We can install just about any brand in our Murrieta shop. We always check to make sure that everything is included with the aftermarket kit. In many cases, we use different mounting hardware, washers or other components to get a better fit, or if parts are missing. And of course, with everything we do, our first concern is the safety of you and your family. So while we enjoy improving the look and functionality of your Toyota car or truck, we’ll always be upfront with you and address any safety concerns we may have.

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