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Dual Zone Climate Control A/C Problems in Toyota: Why We See this Common A/C Service Need

inland-auto-murrieta-toyota-air-conditioner-repairOne of the common problems we see is drivers who have issues with dual zone climate control.  Climate zone issues, which are found in all vehicles, including Toyota cars and trucks, is a common reason customers see us for auto air conditioning repair in Murrieta.

Typically, the problems we spot during A/C service have to do with a dual zone climate control where one side blows warmer than the other, even though they are set at the same temperature.

What are Dual Zones and How Do they Affect A/C Service Issues?

Dual zone climate control is designed to allow the driver and the passenger to have separate controls for individualized comfort.  However, sometimes, especially when it’s hot out, you want both sides to blow air that is as cold as possible.

It is usually during these instances that drivers first suspect that there is an A/C service issue and that it might be time to bring in their Toyota vehicle for repair.  They will notice that, although both zones are set the same, one is lagging and blowing warmer air when it should be at full capacity blowing cold air from the A/C through the vents.

Auto Air Conditioning Repair Challenge: Dual Zone Climate Control

Dual climate zones can make identifying and troubleshooting the A/C repair problem challenging.  Our trained technicians have found that, most often, the culprit is Freon.  In cases like this, we usually find that the level of Freon in the system is low and that the A/C system needs to be recharged.

More often than not, this relatively simple auto air conditioning repair solves the problem and gets you back to driving in comfort.

Auto Air Conditioning Repair in Murrieta

Many auto air conditioning repair cases are like this.  Your vehicle’s A/C does not usually need major repair work to get it running the way it needs to run. But, as with all Toyota repair needs, you have to make sure that you are trusting the right people to handle your A/C service.

A/C service from Inland Auto is thorough, safe and environmentally friendly.

Toyota Repair and A/C Service

Learn more about our Toyota repair and A/C service in Murrieta.  And take a look at our five step process to find out how we can get your auto air conditioner ready for the warmest months ahead.

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