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Temecula Toyota Repair and Service Customer Review: Honest Brake Service, Job Well Done


Drivers in need of auto repair in Temecula come to us for a variety of reasons and with a range of cars and trucks.  In December, a customer came into Inland Auto with a Toyota Tundra truck in need of brake service.

As we do for all of our customers, we provided him with skilled service in a timely manner, for a fair price.  We treated him honestly, let him know what kind of brake service we were doing on his Tundra, and what kinds of results he could expect.

For him, this kind of straightforward, honest approach to Toyota repair and service was a unique experience, and something he had not found prior to coming to Inland Auto.  He recognized our honesty and integrity, and appreciated a job well done.

Toyota Tundra Service Review of Inland Auto on Surecritic

The customer, Luke, from Temecula, shared a review of his Inland Auto brake service experience on

“[I] was very happy with the brake job done on my Tundra truck. [I] have been to other places for brakes on my truck before and have had issues with the work done. Glad to have found a place that I can trust to do things right. I will be back.”

— Luke N, review of brake service in Temecula, CA

Keeping Customers Satisfied

Luke’s experience with Inland Auto Toyota repair and service is not uncommon.  We often hear from our customers that the experience that they have with us stands out among other auto service shops in Temecula.

Because we provide this kind of honest, quality service, our customers stay with us for all of their Toyota repair and service needs.  A loyal group of satisfied customers is a testament to our hard work and our honest approach.  We are proud to be a shop that drivers can trust and we appreciate when customers like Luke take the time to share how we have helped them get the service they need and the experience they deserve.

More about Brake Service

At Inland Auto, we specialize in repair and service for the Toyota family of cars (Toyota, Lexus, Scion).  If you have any questions about brake service, including when your car should come in for brake service, contact us or come on in.

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