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The Value of Fuel Injection Service for Toyota and Lexus Vehicles

Usually recommended at 50,000 miles, Toyota fuel injection service and Toyota throttle body service help to keep your vehicle’s engine running smoothly.  This kind of service, recommended both for Toyota and Lexus at the 50,000 mile mark, contributes to improvements in safety and reliability as well as comfort and performance.

What is Lexus Fuel Injection Service?

Fuel injection service for Lexus and Toyota involves cleaning out the intake system and removing the carbon deposits that build up in your vehicle’s fuel injection system over time.

Scheduling fuel injection service with your Murrieta Toyota repair professional is a way to maintain your car’s performance capabilities and to keep it running better, longer.

Lexus Fuel Injection Service to Resolve Carbon Buildup Issues

Carbon buildup in fuel injection systems leads to performance and handling issues.  It also reduces your vehicle’s fuel economy.

In the case of throttle body equipped vehicles, this carbon buildup in the fuel injection system can prevent the butterfly from seating correctly.  The butterfly is the mechanical component that opens and closes to allow airflow to the engine.  When the butterfly does not seat properly, as a result of carbon buildup, it can create idling issues.

When is It Time for Lexus Fuel Injection Service?

If you notice that your vehicle is not idling correctly, it is a good time to bring it in for Lexus fuel injection service.

Additionally, if you are approaching, or you have exceeded the 50,000 mile mark on your vehicle, our Lexus fuel injection service specialists advise that you come in for Lexus throttle body service.  For Lexus, and for all Toyota vehicles, keeping a clean, well running engine by coming in for routine maintenance including Toyota fuel injection service can keep your car on the road, running safely, for longer.

Specialist in Toyota Fuel Injection Service and Toyota Throttle Body Service in Murrieta

Because we specialize in the Toyota family of cars, all of our trained technicians are experienced in providing the highest quality Lexus throttle body service and Toyota fuel injection service.  We make sure that your engine is running smoothly and that it is free of carbon deposits and other issues so you can take it on the road, confident in its performance, handling and safety.

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