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Murrieta Toyota Repair Pros Answer: Why Do I Need to Maintain My Vehicle’s Suspension?


Many of the drivers who come to us for suspension repair in Murrieta have misconceptions about how a vehicle’s suspension actually works and why it is important.

Primarily, the average driver thinks about shocks and struts only in terms of ride comfort and performance.  While it is true that the suspension affects both ride comfort and vehicle performance, and while both certainly are important, your vehicle’s shocks and struts have an even more important link to safety.

Not only is a good suspension, and by extension, good suspension repair, important for comfort, it also is important for safety on the road and for the reliability and maintenance of other parts of your vehicle, particularly, the braking system.

Bad Shocks and Struts Compromise Braking Stability

Bad shocks and struts can affect the braking stability of your vehicle.  In turn, this can cause excessive or irregular tire wear, putting you at risk on the road and shortening the life of your tires.

As experts in Toyota repair and Lexus repair, it is not uncommon for us to see drivers who have ignored problems with their shocks and struts or put off bringing their vehicles in for suspension repair.  This is not the best approach.  Bringing in your car or truck to one of our Toyota or Lexus repair specialists for suspension repair as soon as you suspect a problem with your shocks and struts can save you time and money, and can keep you safer on the road.

Suspension Repair in Murrieta: The Right Time, the Right Way

You are likely experiencing a problem with your car’s shocks and struts if you hear a clunking noise or a hard popping sound, particularly after hitting a bump in the road.  If you are hearing this sound, it is time to come in for suspension repair as soon as possible.

Our trained technicians have experience in all kinds of Toyota repair and Lexus repair, and can diagnose and repair a problem with your shocks and struts quickly and effectively.

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Murrieta Toyota Repair for Shocks and Struts

Suspension repair is a common Toyota repair.  In fact, drivers can expect to replace their shocks and struts every few years.  It is a straightforward and quick repair but it is important to make sure that you do no let the problem go untreated for too long, or you risk having it affect your braking system, your tires, the longevity of your vehicle and, most importantly, your safety.

How to Improve Performance of Shocks and Struts

Drivers turn to Inland Auto for custom suspension performance because they trust our auto service professionals to deliver the very best in Toyota and Lexus repair and more.  In addition to installing suspension lifts and spindle lifts, our professional team installs shocks and struts with the highest quality aftermarket parts for the custom Toyota performance suspension you want.

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