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Five Star Yelp Review for Auto Service in Murrieta, Ca


We have to thank our customers for their great auto service reviews on Yelp and other sites, including our Facebook page.  Sometimes, it takes the perspective of one of our customers to remind us about all that we have to offer local car owners.

Toyota Auto Service and More from Trained Technicians at Inland Auto

We often highlight our expertise in our specialty areas of service, namely Lexus auto service and Toyota repair.  Most of our customers are Toyota, Lexus and Scion drivers and our auto technicians are Toyota factory trained.  In fact, Inland Auto is considered a top Toyota auto repair dealer alternative in Murrieta and in Temecula.

But, as our longtime customer Gary shared on Yelp, we also service other cars, and have a wide range of experience in repairing and maintaining Japanese cars of all types.

Customer Recommends Inland Auto for Auto Service in Murrieta

In his review, Gary also talked about the reliable, consistent auto service we provide and recommended our services to other drivers looking for quality, trustworthy auto service and repair in Murrieta.

“As usual, I was able to bring in my vehicle and get good service quickly! I have been happy with the work and I would recommend [Inland Auto] to anyone.”

Why Customer Recommendations Matter

When we hear about an auto service customer recommending us to their friends or recommending us on auto service review sites, we know that we have done the job that we set out to do.  We have provided the best auto service experience as well as the best customer service experience we possibly can.

We take great pride in this.  Yes, our Toyota factory trained technicians are among the best.  Yes, we are the dealer alternative that you can count on for the kind of quality auto service and repair that will leave you feeling confident on the road.  But we also work hard to go the extra step, to be the neighbor that you can trust with your vehicle, to be the local shop that you like bringing your vehicle to.  We strive to be the people that you can trust with your car or truck and with your recommendation.

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Get to know auto service from Inland Auto, including scheduled maintenance, engine service and repair, alignment, air conditioning and heating repair and more.

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