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Job Report: Camry Repair after another Murrieta Auto Shop Failed


It’s so important to work with a quality auto shop when your Toyota or Lexes needs service or repair. We’re often quite surprised by what we find after other Murrieta shops work on a vehicle. For this Toyota Camry, the customer recently had their vehicle serviced at a reputable auto shop. But the transmission started leaking fluid quite badly, so they decided to bring their car to us. After inspecting the transmission, we found that the previous shop had replaced the transmission gasket with a cheap rubber-style gasket. It only lasted for a short period of time and then started to leak a lot of fluid. In addition to the mess that a leaking transmission causes, there’s also the risk of overheating or under-lubricating the transmission, as the fluid needs to perform both tasks. In addition, the fluid in an automatic transmission is a key component to its operation, like changing gears. Needless to say, a serious transmission leak needs to be addressed quickly.

After replacing the transmission gasket with a high-quality replacement, we tested the vehicle to ensure proper operation and rechecked the fluid level. During our testing, we also found an issue with the brakes. The previous auto repair shop had replaced the brake pads with a cheap product that was constantly squeezing (applying) the brakes. In addition to reducing braking ability and creating a potentially unsafe condition, the brakes were also dragging the car down, accelerating brake component wear. This reduces the lifetime of the related parts, and also decreases the Camry’s fuel economy. Our customer is happy with their Toyota safely back on the road and not leaking anymore.

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