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Inland Auto Now Offering 2 and 4-Wheel Alignments in Murrieta


We’re pleased to inform the community that Inland Auto is now providing wheel alignment services. We are trained and equipped to perform both 2 and 4-wheel alignments, depending on what your vehicle manufacturer recommends and what your vehicle needs.

We recently installed a new lift that’s specially designed to perform professional wheel alignments. You can be confident that we’ve invested in the right tools, training and equipment to do the job correctly and affordably.

Why Would My Vehicle Need Wheel alignment?

Wheels are often knocked out of alignment when you run up a curb or hit a pothole. And let’s be honest, here in Southern California we’re not known for our smooth roads and highways. So regular driving can cause wheel alignment issues. Plus minor accidents can cause wheels to become misaligned.

Why Is Proper Wheel Alignment Important?

Keeping the wheels in alignment is important for many reasons, not the least of which being safety. But here are a few other benefits…

  • Tires that are properly aligned will wear more slowly, thus increasing tire life and saving money.
  • Proper wheel alignment aids with even and controllable braking. Uneven breaking or “pulling” can be quite unsafe.

We know that you have options when considering an auto shop in Murrieta to perform the wheel alignment on your car or truck. Over the years, we’ve relied on a few shops to do alignments for our customers, but as Inland Auto continues to grow, our goal is to take care of as many auto repair and service needs as possible under one roof. That makes your life easier by allowing you to take your vehicle to only one trusted auto shop, instead of to multiple shops all around Murrieta and Temecula.

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