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Inland Auto Now Provides Certified Smog Testing in Murrieta


Need a smog test? Now you can rely on Inland Auto to handle it. No need to take your vehicle to a specialty shop. As Inland Auto continues to expand our services, adding smog testing to the list just made sense. Historically we’ve relied on other shops here in Murrieta and Temecula to provide smog testing for our customers. But it’s much more convenient for our customers now that we do in in our shop.

The convenience of being able to smog test your vehicle here is further emphasized when your vehicle requires repairs. If repairs are needed, we can very often handle them right here in the same shop. If you take your vehicle to a shop that specialize in just smog testing and it is in need of repairs, you would then have to visit a second shop to get the repairs made, and then return back to the smog shop. In these cases, you would have made a total of three visits to two facilities. Now it’s just one.

Do You Provide Smog Testing for all Vehicles?

Although we specialize in auto repair for Japanese vehicles, and specifically in Toyota, Lexus and Scion cars and trucks, we are certified, trained and equipped to perform smog tests for all vehicles that are model year 2000 and newer.

When are Smog Checks Needed?

The DMV will periodically require most vehicles be smog tested. The results of that testing are transmitted to the state of California as part of the vehicle registration process. So in many cases, you just need to have your vehicle “smogged” once the state requires it. Smog testing is also required during the sale or purchase of some vehicles.

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