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Keeping Your Brakes in Top Condition with Regular Brake Inspections


A regular brake inspection is one of the things on every vehicle’s maintenance schedule. It should go without saying that properly functioning brakes are a necessity when it comes to driving safety, but many Murrieta drivers put off brake inspections and brake repairs far longer than they should.

Some of the warning signs that your brakes are in need of repair are:

  • A grinding or squealing noise when brakes are applied
  • A soft of spongy brake pedal (a pedal that needs to be pressed down farther than normal in order to stop the vehicle)
  • Vibrations in the brake pedal or steering wheel
  • A lit brake warning light on your vehicle’s dash

If your vehicle has one or more of these signs, you should bring it in to your Murrieta auto mechanic as soon as possible. The problem could be something simple like needing additional brake fluid or something more significant that requires the attention of an experienced auto mechanic. Any brake problem that is left untreated can result in disaster down the road. Unlike other vehicle problems that keep your car from moving, brake problems keep your car from stopping—and that is far more dangerous, to both you and others on the road.

You should also bring your car or truck into your Murrieta auto mechanic for regular brake service before problems arise. We offer a complete brake service that includes a brake inspection, machining the brake rotors and drums (or replacing them, if needed), and checking the brake fluid.

At Inland Auto in Murrieta, we believe you get what you pay for when it comes to brake pads. That’s why we only recommend using factory brake pads when it is time to replace or repair the ones in your vehicle. The brake pads developed for your specific vehicle will last longer and give you better performance.

If it’s time to get your brakes inspected, either because you are experiencing problems with them, or because it is time according to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, bring your vehicle to Inland Auto in Murrieta. We will give your brakes a thorough inspection, but unlike other mechanics, we will never try to sell you a service or repair that your vehicle doesn’t need.

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