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Car Air Conditioning Not Working Properly? It May Be Time for a Recharge


The hot months in Murrieta aren’t behind us yet! We’ve been known to have 90-degree weather well into November, so don’t think that you can put off having your car’s air conditioner repaired until next year. If your vehicle’s air conditioner is not working properly, bring it in to Inland Auto today, so you won’t have to spend the next several months in an uncomfortably hot car.

For the majority of cars that come to us for air conditioning problems, we can do an air conditioner recharge, and your car’s air conditioner can be blowing ice cold air in your face on the drive home from our Murrieta shop the same day!

When we do a recharge on your vehicle’s air conditioning system, we will flush out the old refrigerant, completely vacuuming out the system to provide a clean environment for the new refrigerant. Doing this also allows us to add the exact amount of refrigerant needed for your specific vehicle. If you were to just “top off” your system with refrigerant, you may add too much or not enough.

Another important thing we do when adding the new refrigerant to your car’s air conditioning system is to add a small amount of dye to it. We do this so it’s easier to locate any leaks in the system in the future. Air conditioner system leaks can sometimes be very small and difficult to find. Adding the dye is a simple, but effective way to help detect small problems before they become big problems.

For most cars with air conditioners that are not blowing cold air, a recharge is the only thing required, but we will also do a standard check of your system to ensure there are no leaks that need to be repaired.

Schedule an appointment today if your vehicle is experiencing problems with its air conditioning system or anything else, and one of our certified technicians will be glad to look at it for you. As with any auto repairs we do in our Murrieta shop, we will give you a fair price and an honest assessment of the work that needs to be done.

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