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Certified Smog Checks at Your Trusted Murrieta Auto Mechanic Shop


You just got the paperwork in the mail from the DMV. Your vehicle is up for renewal, and you need to get a smog check, something most vehicles need to have done every two years. Where should you go? There are many places in town that advertise they give smog tests, and there are even some in Murrieta and Temecula that say they “specialize” in smog check or smog testing. So, how do you choose the right place to take your vehicle to be smogged?

Now, you don’t have to look any further than your trusted Murrieta auto mechanic, Inland Auto. We are certified to perform smog checks for any vehicle that is a model year 2000 or newer. Our technicians have been properly trained, and our auto mechanic shop in Murrieta has been equipped with everything necessary to perform a smog test for your vehicle.

As required by California, Inland Auto performs both a visual test and a machine test as part of the smog certification program. To pass a smog inspection, your vehicle must pass both tests. The machine test requires your vehicle to be hooked up to a special smog check machine that tests for certain codes.

The advantage of bringing your car or truck to Inland Auto, rather than a shop that specializes only in smog tests, is that if any repairs are needed in order for your vehicle to pass the smog test, we can often complete those repairs right here in our Murrieta mechanic shop. For example, if the “check engine” light is on in your vehicle, it may not pass a smog test. If you bring your vehicle to Inland Auto, we can do a free diagnostic check and tell you why the light is on and what repairs need to be made in order for your vehicle to pass the smog test.

Once your vehicle has passed the smog test, we will give you the needed paperwork (a smog inspection certificate) so you can get your vehicle registered with the DMV. You have 90 days to renew your registration after the test has been completed.

We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 5:00, and on Saturdays by appointment, for your convenience. Call ahead to our Murrieta auto shop for the fastest service.

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