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Reviewer Impressed with Overall Service at Inland Auto in Murrieta


We recently received a great review on Yelp from Michael in Murrieta. Like many of our customers, he was impressed with our staff, calling them “honest and professional.” Auto mechanics sometimes get a bad reputation for being dishonest and unprofessional, so to have customers that see us as trustworthy is especially significant to us.

Here is another comment from Michael’s review after his visit to our Murrieta auto mechanic shop:

Definitely one of the cleanest shops I have ever seen and the waiting room [was] also very clean with Wi-Fi, coffee and water.”

We care about our customers, and we want them to be comfortable if they choose to wait in our reception area while their vehicle is being worked on. That’s why we provide complementary coffee, water, and Wi-Fi, and we keep the area clean and at a comfortable temperature for our customers. We also keep our mechanic shop clean and organized so we can do our job efficiently and provide the best service possible.

Michael also commented on the fact that we take care of our customers if they need to go somewhere while their vehicle is in our shop. For those customers that need a ride while their vehicle is left at our Murrieta mechanic shop, we provide loaner cars (for select services) or we can provide a ride to any nearby location.

We want to thank Michael for his review. We appreciate any feedback from our customers, both positive and negative. We will keep working hard to provide our customers with the honest, professional service and customer care they have come to expect from us.

If your vehicle is in need of repairs or scheduled routine maintenance, call us or bring your car or truck in to our Murrieta auto mechanic shop today. We look forward to impressing you, like we did Michael.

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