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Toyota Air Conditioning Repair Murrieta

Cold air conditioning is a key element to creating a comfortable driving experience. This is especially true in the Temecula Valley area where we see summer days that are well over 100 degrees each year.

At Inland Auto we’re factory trained specialists in Toyota and Lexus cars and trucks. We also service and repair air conditioning systems for most Japanese vehicles. With decades of experience we’ll get your vehicle back on the road, keeping you cool while you drive.

If you’re having trouble with your air conditioning we’ll inspect and repair it as needed. And we’ll let you know what we find so you’re informed before we do extensive work on your vehicle.

Toyota Air Conditioning Service

Most air conditioning systems don’t require major repair work. The most common air conditioning-related service we provide is recharging the system. We’ve invested in the right tools and equipment to perform safe, environmentally friendly air conditioning services. Here’s a quick look at our procedure…

  1. First, we perform a visual inspection of the air conditioning system and components. This helps to identify any obvious issues and ensure the vehicle is fit for service.
  2. Next, we hook up our machine and recover any Freon remaining in the system. This is important to ensure that all old fluids have been removed from the system to maximize the volume of new fluid that’s added. Also, we don’t just vent the old Freon into the atmosphere which would be extremely unsafe (and illegal). We follow strict government mandated guidelines for the recovery of the fluid. Recovering the fluid in this manner also allows us to see how much was left in the system.
  3. Next, we vacuum test the system to ensure there are no leaks. This is important because the air conditioning system operates under pressure. If there are any leaks in the system it will simply expel the new fluid. Vacuuming the system also removes any residual moisture which helps the A/C operate better and helps to prevent corrosion and rust inside the air conditioning components. This creates a clean environment in the air conditioning system that’s ready for the new Freon.
  4. Next, we recharge the system with the correct type and volume of Freon and add dye and lubricant. The dye is used to aid with leak detection if there are any issues later on. The lubricant simply helps to protect the A/C system internals and keeps parts moving smoothly.
  5. Lastly, we test everything to ensure there are no leaks in the system. We ensure the air conditioning system can hold pressure and test the functionality of your A/C. If we encounter any other issues we’ll let you know and discuss any repair options.

If you live in Temecula, Murrieta or any of the surrounding areas we recommend bringing your car or truck in before the heat of the summer is upon us. Many times customers won’t know there is an issue with their air conditioning until they try to use it. And by then the days are already getting hot. Our suggestion is to test out your A/C now to make sure it’s working properly and blowing nice and cold. Then give us a call if it’s not.