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Your Murrieta Auto Electrician Performs Electric Repair and Troubleshooting When You Need It

Every year, there are more electrical components in your Toyota, Lexus or Scion.  In fact, our customers frequently come to our shop in need of Murrieta auto electrician services.  These kinds of service include auto electric repair, car window motor replacement and check engine light issues.

Get to Know Your Murreita Auto Electrician

Because your vehicle relies on electrical systems to function properly, it is important that you trust your Murrieta auto electrician to give you reliable, honest service for all of your auto electrical services, from check engine light diagnostics to larger auto electric repairs, power window motor replacement and troubleshooting. [Read more…]

Murrieta Brake Service Questions: The Difference Between Disk and Drum Brakes and How to Keep Your Brake System Healthy

One good way to make sure that you are getting honest, quality brake repair in Murrieta is to make sure that you understand what kind of brake repair work you need done, and what questions you should be asking your brake service mechanic.

At Inland Auto, we help you with the most basic questions like, when is it time for a brake fluid flush.  We also tackle more complex questions like what is the difference between disk brakes and drum brakes.  Finally, we answer the kinds of questions that you need trusted professionals to weigh in on most, including do I really need to use factory brake pads and what can be done to help prevent premature brake failure. [Read more…]

How Often Should I Replace the Timing Belt? Murrieta Auto Repair

Routine auto service and maintenance prevent you from getting stuck with car trouble, and from getting just plain stuck.  At our local Temecula auto repair shop, we advise our customers to be on the lookout for engine problems so they can catch them early, and to bring in their cars for recommended maintenance. Reliable auto service translates to a reliable experience from your car, and that is exactly what you need: a car that performs the way you want it to perform, every time you need it. [Read more…]

Do I Really Need to Follow Recommended Service Intervals for Timing Belt Service?

Consistent maintenance and quality auto repair are important parts of car ownership.  A little commitment from you, plus knowledge and automotive expertise from us, gives you a car that you can count on for a long time.  Timing belt service at regular intervals is a smart auto maintenance choice that ends up being good for your car and for your wallet.  [Read more…]

The Temecula Summer is Heating Up: Cool Down with Air Conditioning

It’s getting hot out there, and if this summer is like most in Temecula, we’ll be seeing temperatures over 100 degrees.  Make sure your car stays nice and cool for your comfort and safety on the road this summer.  If it’s been awhile since you have serviced your car air conditioner, or if you are afraid it isn’t working correctly, visit us for auto air conditioning service.

If your air conditioning isn’t working properly, or at all, we handle all of your auto air conditioning repair needs right away. [Read more…]

Importance of Regular Oil Changes – Murrieta Auto Service

Oil changes are one auto service that you can’t forget.  Regular oil changes can keep your car running smoothly and keep your engine working right, longer.  Forgetting to get your oil changed or putting off an oil change for too long can cause damage to your engine, making you vulnerable to more serious problems while you’re on the road.

We provide regular scheduled, cost effective oil changes as an auto service to our customers throughout the Temecula Valley. During the service we also check tires for correct pressure and top off all fluids. Unlike many shops, we provide these additional services at no extra charge. [Read more…]

Can Your Air Conditioning Keep You Cool in the Hot Temecula Summer?

In Temecula and Murrieta we’re used to seeing summer days well over 100 degrees. And this year it’s already starting to warm up quickly. For most of us in the valley, the air conditioning in our vehicle is a critical part of getting around each day. Whether it’s simply driving to and from work or carting the kids around to school, sports practices or after-school activities, the air conditioner is definitely necessary in Temecula and Murrieta. It makes life a lot better when the A/C keeps you cool during the hot summer days. [Read more…]

Automotive Myth: Shaking or Vibration is Caused by Wheel Alignment Issues

It’s a common misunderstanding that shaking or excessive vibration is caused by misalignment of wheels. We hear this all the time, even from auto repair shops and tire shops here in Temecula and Murrieta. Shaking is rarely caused by wheel alignment issues. It’s much more common that out-of-balance tires are the cause of vibration. It’s usually one or more of the tires that has gone out of balance. The vibration may be accompanied by an audible humming sound and both may change with the road surface and speed. The vibration usually starts small and gets more pronounced over time. Sometimes customers won’t realize there’s an issue for quite a while until it gradually becomes more noticeable. Vibration can also be caused by more serious issues like damaged wheel bearings or excessively worn front end parts in the steering or suspension, but this is much less common. [Read more…]

Happy Customers at Inland Auto. Your Toyota and Lexus Service and Repair Specialist in Temecula and Murrieta

We specialize in service and repair of Toyota and Lexus cars and trucks, providing certified work at reasonable prices. But most importantly, you can trust that you’ll have a positive, honest and comfortable experience at Inland Auto.

We have great customers whose cars we take care of over many years. We are the best Toyota and Lexus dealership alternative in the Temecula, Murrieta area. Give us a try and you’ll never look anywhere else. Here’s what one customer recently posted on Yelp… [Read more…]