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The Lexus Auto Repair We Don’t Do: Why We Work with Trusted Partners to Give the Best Lexus Auto Service in Murrieta

tires-specialist-murrieta-autoDrivers who need Lexus auto service in Murrieta rely on us to provide the absolute best in full service care for their cars.  Because of the quality of the work we do and the level of customer service we provide, our customers know that they can come to us for all of their auto service needs.

We take that responsibility seriously, and that is why, for the kinds of auto service that we do not provide ourselves, we work with a list of trusted partners who, like us, have a proven record of success and reliability.

Lexus Auto Service in Murrieta: Trusted Partners for Specialized Repairs and Service

Some of the auto services that we connect with trusted partners to provide include smog testing, wheel alignment and tires. [Read more…]

Prius Repair and Service: Hybrid Vehicle Repair Tips

prius-serive-repair-murrietaHybrids are generally low maintenance vehicles.  The do not usually require as much auto service or maintenance work as other vehicles on the road today.

In fact, many parts that are commonly brought in for repair and replacement on other cars and trucks do not cause problems in hybrids in the same way.  For instance, we don’t see our local customers coming in for hybrid repair and service for brakes or spark plugs, because these parts last longer on these kinds of vehicles. [Read more…]

Tips for Better Fuel Economy: Get Even More from Your Lexus


You know that your Lexus delivers superior performance and handling.  Did you know that it, and all the cars and trucks in the Toyota family, can also deliver improved fuel economy and greater overall efficiency with some simple adjustments to how you use, maintain and service your vehicle?

Driving Tips for Improved Fuel Economy

There are a few different ways you can get improved fuel economy for your Lexus or other vehicle, starting with how and when you drive.  To get a jump start on improved fuel economy, try out these tips.

Don’t Idle

Allowing your car to keep running while you are standing wastes gas and reduces fuel economy.  If you don’t need your car to go, don’t run your engine. [Read more…]

What You Need to Know about Automatic Transmission Repair


As Murrieta Toyota repair professionals, we know a lot about automatic transmission repair.  In fact, it is one of the most common repairs we perform for our customers who drive Toyota, Lexus, Scion and other popular Japanese-made vehicles.

But as much as transmission repair is part of our everyday work, we know that for you, as a car owner, hearing that you need automatic transmission repair or suspecting that you have a problem with your transmission can be a real source of stress.

Automatic Transmission Repair Process

[Read more…]

When is It Time for Toyota Shock and Strut Replacement?

Understand the when, why and how of shock and strut auto service and save time and trouble.

What are the Signs My Car Needs Shock and Strut Replacement?

Detecting issues with the shocks and struts in your vehicle is the first step to getting connected to the auto service you need for the safe ride you want.  Since issues with the shocks and struts can be common in Toyotas and other vehicles, it is important to be on the lookout for signs that you might be due for shock and strut replacement.

The first sign your vehicle will give you that there is a problem with the shocks or struts is a clunking noise.  Many of our customers come in for auto service as soon as they hear that telltale clunking noise.

The clunking sound can be described as a hard pop.  Often, it happens immediately after you hit a bump.  If you are experiencing this with your vehicle, it is time to head in to your Murrieta auto service shop for an inspection. [Read more…]

Job Report: 100,000 Mile Toyota Tundra Repair and Maintenance

This Murrieta auto service story is a good reminder to pay attention to your check engine light.

toyota tundra repair murrieta

Drivers react in a few different ways when they see their check engine light come on.  Some panic, others come in for auto service immediately.  Then there are the drivers who put it off, thinking it will go away, it’s not that big of a deal, or they can’t afford whatever auto service repairs they might need.

In this case, one of our Toyota repair customers brought in his Tundra right away when the truck’s check engine light came on.  We inspected the truck and ran all of the auto diagnostic tests that we perform whenever a vehicle comes in. [Read more…]

Technology and Training Make a Better Murrieta Auto Repair Experience

Technology has come to the auto industry and it is here to stay.  In many ways, the technology in our cars is making it easier for us to stay safer, to get where we are going more easily, and to enjoy our time on the road.  For those of us in the auto service business, technology in cars and trucks can actually make car maintenance and repair faster and more accurate.

For instance, when you come to us in need of Lexus auto service or Toyota repair, we are able to perform computer diagnostics that help us identify and ultimately fix the problem with your vehicle more quickly. [Read more…]

Your Murrieta Auto Electrician Performs Electric Repair and Troubleshooting When You Need It

Every year, there are more electrical components in your Toyota, Lexus or Scion.  In fact, our customers frequently come to our shop in need of Murrieta auto electrician services.  These kinds of service include auto electric repair, car window motor replacement and check engine light issues.

Get to Know Your Murreita Auto Electrician

Because your vehicle relies on electrical systems to function properly, it is important that you trust your Murrieta auto electrician to give you reliable, honest service for all of your auto electrical services, from check engine light diagnostics to larger auto electric repairs, power window motor replacement and troubleshooting. [Read more…]

Murrieta Brake Service Questions: The Difference Between Disk and Drum Brakes and How to Keep Your Brake System Healthy

One good way to make sure that you are getting honest, quality brake repair in Murrieta is to make sure that you understand what kind of brake repair work you need done, and what questions you should be asking your brake service mechanic.

At Inland Auto, we help you with the most basic questions like, when is it time for a brake fluid flush.  We also tackle more complex questions like what is the difference between disk brakes and drum brakes.  Finally, we answer the kinds of questions that you need trusted professionals to weigh in on most, including do I really need to use factory brake pads and what can be done to help prevent premature brake failure. [Read more…]

How Often Should I Replace the Timing Belt? Murrieta Auto Repair

Routine auto service and maintenance prevent you from getting stuck with car trouble, and from getting just plain stuck.  At our local Temecula auto repair shop, we advise our customers to be on the lookout for engine problems so they can catch them early, and to bring in their cars for recommended maintenance. Reliable auto service translates to a reliable experience from your car, and that is exactly what you need: a car that performs the way you want it to perform, every time you need it. [Read more…]