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Maintaining Your Murrieta Vehicle’s Shocks and Struts for Safety and Control


Shocks and struts are often mentioned together, and the terms are sometimes even used interchangeably by non-car gurus, but they are considerably different from each other. They are both part of a car’s suspension system, which keeps your vehicle from bouncing down the road and your tires from lifting off the road on curves and turns, but they do this in very different ways.

Shock absorbers, often called “shocks” for short, are pump devices that, when working properly, keep your tires in contact with the road at all times. Struts differ from shocks in that they are structural components of the suspension system of a vehicle, attached to the chassis, and use a spring mechanism to absorb any bumps in the road. [Read more…]

When is It Time for Toyota Shock and Strut Replacement?

Understand the when, why and how of shock and strut auto service and save time and trouble.

What are the Signs My Car Needs Shock and Strut Replacement?

Detecting issues with the shocks and struts in your vehicle is the first step to getting connected to the auto service you need for the safe ride you want.  Since issues with the shocks and struts can be common in Toyotas and other vehicles, it is important to be on the lookout for signs that you might be due for shock and strut replacement.

The first sign your vehicle will give you that there is a problem with the shocks or struts is a clunking noise.  Many of our customers come in for auto service as soon as they hear that telltale clunking noise.

The clunking sound can be described as a hard pop.  Often, it happens immediately after you hit a bump.  If you are experiencing this with your vehicle, it is time to head in to your Murrieta auto service shop for an inspection. [Read more…]