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Temecula Toyota Repair and Service Customer Review: Honest Brake Service, Job Well Done


Drivers in need of auto repair in Temecula come to us for a variety of reasons and with a range of cars and trucks.  In December, a customer came into Inland Auto with a Toyota Tundra truck in need of brake service.

As we do for all of our customers, we provided him with skilled service in a timely manner, for a fair price.  We treated him honestly, let him know what kind of brake service we were doing on his Tundra, and what kinds of results he could expect. [Read more…]

Get More with Performance Toyota Installation and Service in Murrieta


We talk a lot about the importance of regular maintenance and the value of quality Toyota repair to keep your vehicle running when you need it most.  And it is true that routine service and well executed Toyota repair are necessary in making sure that your car or truck is running reliably and running well now and over time.

In addition to reliability and longevity, many car and truck owners also want to make sure that they are able to get the most performance and the overall best experience out of their vehicles.  This is where services like Toyota performance suspension installation, performance shock and strut installation, Toyota lift installation and other performance auto service come in.  For custom and performance suspension service in Murrieta, drivers trust our Inland Auto technicians to give them the ride that gives them more. [Read more…]

Job Report: 100,000 Mile Toyota Tundra Repair and Maintenance

This Murrieta auto service story is a good reminder to pay attention to your check engine light.

toyota tundra repair murrieta

Drivers react in a few different ways when they see their check engine light come on.  Some panic, others come in for auto service immediately.  Then there are the drivers who put it off, thinking it will go away, it’s not that big of a deal, or they can’t afford whatever auto service repairs they might need.

In this case, one of our Toyota repair customers brought in his Tundra right away when the truck’s check engine light came on.  We inspected the truck and ran all of the auto diagnostic tests that we perform whenever a vehicle comes in. [Read more…]