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Toyota Automatic Transmission Repair and Service in Temecula, Murrieta

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The automatic transmission is often the most complicated part of a car or truck. That means serious repairs or replacement costs can be substantial. So preventative maintenance and regular service is vital to extend the life of the transmission and avoid expensive, premature problems.

Clean Transmission Fluid is Critical

Regular maintenance is critical for the life of your transmission. It relies on clean transmission fluid to lubricate the internal gears, bands and passages, but the fluid is also used for the hydraulic pressure that actually operates the changing of gears. In addition, transmission fluid plays a major role in keeping the internal parts cool. Dirty or burnt fluid doesn’t allow for smooth operation or properly lubricate the transmission.

Transmission Flush Service

Flushing the fluid is the most common transmission service we provide. We perform a complete transmission flush using a machine to draw all of the old fluid out including the fluid from the torque converter. In some cases, the torque converter can hold more than half of the total fluid volume. So if you simply drain and refill the transmission without forcibly drawing the old fluid you’re actually leaving more than half of the old fluid and particles in the system. Automatic transmissions are extremely complicated, much more so than manual transmissions. They operate on hydraulic pressure using the fluid. So it’s critical that fluid remains clean, unburned and free of moisture.

We use full synthetic automatic transmission fluid, not blends.

Common Transmission Repairs

In addition to regular maintenance and routine transmission service, we provide full repairs as well. A few common repairs include solenoid replacement and leak repair. We’ll inspect your transmission and the related linkage and electrical components to diagnose any issues you’re having. And we’ll keep you informed before performing repair work.

Replacing Unrepairable Transmissions with Remanufactured, Not Rebuilt Units

In the event that your transmission has serious problems that require more than normal service and repairs, we’ll take care of having it replaced. It’s very important to note that we do not use rebuilt transmissions! We will replace your transmission with a remanufactured unit that includes all new internal parts. Not a rebuilt unit with a mix of new and old parts.