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Toyota Brake Service & Repair in Temecula & Murrieta

Brakes are important to the safety and performance of your vehicle. We provide brake repair, service and maintenance for most Japanese vehicles, and we specialize in Toyota, Lexus and Scion. We’re factory-trained and certified with Toyota and we’ve been working on Toyota cars and trucks for more than 25 years.

toyota brake service murrieta

We Use Toyota Factory Brake Pads

We always recommend using factory brake pads when servicing or repairing brakes. When it’s time to replace the pads, you want Toyota factory equipment on your vehicle. Other auto repair shops will often use lower quality brake pads to give you a better price. But it’s not worth the savings. Factory pads allow us to continue using the original shims which is important to help dissipate heat, extend brake pad lifetime and prevent noise. Toyota has invested a lot of money and time into developing braking systems that maximize performance and extend the lifetime of parts. Why use anything else?

Complete Brake Service

Each brake service includes a complete brake inspection to first determine if your vehicle needs new brakes. Many times we have customers who were told they needed new brakes by another shop, but often that’s simply not the case. We won’t sell you parts or services you don’t need. The inspection also includes checking brake fluid for discoloration, signs of overheating and moisture to ensure best braking performance and further maximize the lifetime of parts.

We’ll machine the brake rotors and drums to ensure the pads are mating to a perfectly flat surface. If they are out of specification, we’ll replace rotors and/ or drums. This again provides the longest life and best-stopping power. Lastly, we cover all the important details that some shops will miss. For example, we lubricate the slide pins on disk brakes to ensure even braking and getting the most out of your new pads.

Call us today to schedule a brake service for your Toyota or other Japanese vehicles. We’ll get you in and out and back on the road safely.